Matt Steadman

Matt Steadman

My name is Matt Steadman, I am a musician, an artist, and an engineer. Simply put I love creating things in the digital realm. My love of digital art dates back to my very first experiences with a computer in 1989. I remember that my baby-sitter at the time had an old black and white computer, thinking back I’m pretty sure it was a mac(yeah I had a baby-sitter, I was 5 years old!!). The computer could display a dazzling array of several shades of gray not to mention some fantastic fill patterns! Anyway I had a great time playing around with thing, drawing shapes and lines and I really thought it was the best thing ever. Several years later I got my first exposure to Mario Paint, and those 16-color graphics, with animations, and music composition abilities ate away the better part of my childhood.

About the same time I started taking Piano Lessons from my dear sweet Grandma. Later I learned to play the Trombone, Euphonium, and Guitar. I have written and arranged several pieces over the years, some of them using digital technologies and as such they can be downloaded from this website.

I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a scientist or engineer and when I got into Highschool I did all I could to learn Engineering. The only “Engineering” type classes that my school offered at the time were drafting and design classes. So I learned AutoCad, and paper drafting techniques. These classes helped tie my love of computers and art together for many years to come.

I have created this site to catalog and list all of my accomplishments and creations, and serve as my portfolio.

The following websites contain other things created by me:

Predictable Irony – This site is my first attempt at a website and a webcomic. I haven’t updated for a very long time due to time obligations in school. I intend to keep it up to date in the future.

Other Comic – This is my second webcomic. As my class load has increased in these later years of my education my time to create other things has been limited. I created this simple comic as a place for political and retarded/campy humor single panel strips that feature a Donkey and a hole in the ground.

LoopKore – This site is for my senior project at the University of Utah. We are working on creating a looping guitar pedal that allows the user to play pre-recorded mp3 tracks from a thumb drive.


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